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Sniper Fury was produced and published by Gameloft. This is a FPS type game that works based on technology that was used, among others, in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. As the name suggests, this is a typical “shooter”. We must perform a series of difficult missions located in various places on earth. In the game, we can distinguish their 4 types, namely assault, contract, sniper and so-called “story” missions. The Games are taking place in the future. Because times have changed, there are no more wars. Currently, the great powers deal with each other with the help of hired snipers, who with precision and without witnesses will let you get rid of enemies. We observe the action in the game from the first person’s perspective. We play the role of a sniper and we must eliminate most of the goals we have set out from a long distance. However, in addition to sniper weapons in Sniper Fury, we still have machine guns, rotating plots and many more. Passing more missions, we gain components thanks to which we can improve our weapons. In Sniper Fury we also have futuristic gadgets like devices for detecting people or special stimulants that raise our reflexes several times.
The game has over 130 extensive missions that we can overcome alone. The game released for the PC platform also has a multiplayer mode on the PvP basis.

Pros of the game:

  • Developed interesting missions
  • Very nice graphics
  • The game gives a lot of fun


  • It’s hard to get money that allows further development
  • Minorities at every turn

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